Sylvagen understands that disposing of arboriculture residues is not always straightforward, which is why we offer a simple solution to biomass throughout the U.K. Whether you’re a forestry company or tree surgeon, we can collect any kind of wood material from roots to chip for the creation and supply of biomass feedstock for power stations.

From raw materials to processed arb chip, we have the tools and experience to collect arboriculture residues in any of the categories listed below. Start the process of receiving a competitive quote today by completing our request form, alternatively contact our biomass specialists on 01892 280 290.

Arboriculture residues we accept

We can collect materials from all tree species in any of the eight categories below.

Raw materials



We accept tree trunks cut into cordwood of 2-5m in length and with diameters of 5cm-1m.

Tree surgery logs, offcuts, noggins and rings


We accept offcuts, noggins and rings.



A mix of treetop branches.



We accept tree roots which have either been mechanically cleaned or left to age, so the majority of the soil has fallen away.

Processed materials

Log chip

Log chip

High-end material produced by chipping cordwood or logs.

Whole tree chip

Whole tree chip

The product of chipping whole trees or treetops.

Tree surgery arb chip

Arb chip

Typically produced by tree surgeons using reduction chippers.

Brash chip and shred

Brash chip / shredded brash

The result of processing treetop branches and foliage, usually using a drum chipper or shredder.

From quote to collection in no more than four simple steps

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Site audit

The first step in our simple solution to biomass is to check for quality, which may require a site audit. This includes determining access, site conditions, the grade and volume of materials to be collected, and whether they can be processed for biomass on site or need to be taken away. We may be able to determine all of the above via a telephone audit and site photos followed by a trial load. Occasionally, we may follow up with an in-person visit.

All of the above factors will help us to determine the best price we can offer for recovering your arboriculture residues.

Sylvagen vans

Chipping and shredding

Most of the arboriculture and forestry residues we collect are supplied to power plants as wood chip for biomass energy.

Our complete approach means we’re able to handle every aspect in the creation of biomass fuel, even if you don’t have the resources to process your own raw materials. Our chipping and shredding options include the Sylvagen team:

  • Bringing in its own state of the art equipment to process the materials onsite
  • Taking the materials away to be processed offsite
Peterson horizontal grinder processing brash in forest


Understanding every stage of the process is part of our objective, which includes providing a straightforward and hassle-free loading service.

For a no-fuss collection of your arboriculture residues our team is fully certified to use your onsite equipment, alternatively Sylvagen can provide the appropriate wheel loader with an experienced operator if required. Cordwood typically requires a timber truck with an integrated loading crane, which we can supply also.

JCB 420 loading AWJ walking floor


Last but by no means least in creating biomass from your raw materials is moving them, and our transportation experts are here to help. Sylvagen utilises a broad range of hauliers allowing us to provide a wide range of vehicle options including walking floor trailers, chipliners, tippers, and timber lorries.

In situations where access is tight or sites with unfavorable surface conditions for traditional loading methods, Sylvagen offers a space-saving bin service for maximum flexibility. Our 40-yard bins can be loaded by hand if access to equipment is limited.

In addition, our association with lead haulage company, A.W. Jenkinson Transport, means we offer an unmatched national reach for collecting arboriculture and forestry residues.

Please visit “Our Vehicles” page for more information and full technical details.

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AWJ Volvo fleet

In addition to transporting raw materials domestically, Sylvagen regularly organises international shipments and can also arrange for virgin materials to be transported across Europe, including Scandinavia.