Sylvagen is equipped to handle the disposal of your waste wood. Our core purpose of making the recovery of waste materials easy and ethical means we are committed to disposing of all wood not just legally, but with environmental accountability. We prioritise wood recycling where possible, choosing to transform materials into panel board as well as continually making a conscious effort to minimise our carbon footprint when planning collections and deliveries. We also collect waste wood to be used in the creation of biomass energy.

We are proud members of the Wood Recyclers Association (WRA) in addition to being registered with the Environment Agency (registration no. CBDU357705).

We accept waste wood in any of the categories below. To begin the process, please complete the request form on our contact us page. Alternatively, please give us a call on 01892 280 290 to speak with a member of the waste wood recycling team.

Waste wood materials we accept

We can collect materials in any of the six categories below.

Unprocessed Materials

Unprocessed A grade - pallets and packaging

Grade A

Clean hardwood or softwood, such as disused pallets, packing cases and cable drums plus manufacturing and joinery offcuts.

Unprocessed B grade waste wood

Grade B

Typically up to 80% solid clean wood mixed with wood from demolition and construction and solid wood furniture. May contain up to 5% MDF.

Unprocessed C grade waste wood

Grade C

Grade B wood plus fencing, chipboard, plywood, MDF, OSB and fibreboard. May include wood that has been treated, but not with copper/chrome/arsenic (CCA) or creosote.

Processed materials

Processed A grade wood

Grade A

Clean wood, typically processed using a high speed shredder, with ferrous and non-ferrous metal removal.

Processed B grade waste wood

Grade B

Clean wood and wood from demolition, construction and solid wood furniture, typically shredded using a high speed shredder and screened to remove fines.

Processed c grade waste wood

Grade C

A mix of higher and lower quality wood and board products, excluding anything treated with creosote or CCA. Shredded to a specific size and screened, with ferrous and non-ferrous metal removal.

Simplifying wood recycling and recovery at every stage

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An easy approach

We understand determining the best way to dispose of your waste wood can be challenging. Here at Sylvagen, our experienced staff are familiar with how to navigate those difficulties while taking your circumstances into account. As a result of supplying a large network of customers with materials, we always have an outlet for your waste wood. In addition, we can arrange for your materials to be collected as soon as possible regardless of whether you’re a returning customer or in need of a one-off service.

Loading shovel pushing up unprocessed waste wood


Sylvagen utilises a broad range of hauliers allowing us to provide a wide range of vehicle options including walking floor trailers and chipliners. Our association with lead haulage company, A.W. Jenkinson Transport also ensures we offer an unmatched national reach for fast and efficient waste wood collection.

We recognise that materials are sometimes difficult to access by articulated lorry, in such circumstances Sylvagen offers a space-saving bin service for maximum flexibility. We also understand that in some cases it may be easier to deliver materials directly to us. With a vast network of sites across the country, Sylvagen is well positioned for you to drop off materials at a location that’s most convenient to you.

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Separating wood for recycling and recovery can be beneficial for your business. Unsure where to begin? Sylvagen’s knowledgeable staff are happy to provide advice on how to make different grades of wood for recovery. Ask our experts today how segregation can help you to minimise the costs associated with waste wood while maximising the benefits for your company and the environment.

Waste wood being tipped by Roro lorry

Interested in disposing of waste wood in Europe? Our team is experienced in organising international shipments and can arrange for the transportation of waste wood across the continent including Scandinavia.