Offering solutions for paper and cardboard goes hand in hand with Sylvagen’s commitment to recycling. We collect a wide range of materials and qualities directly from manufacturers, warehouses, packaging companies and material recycling facilities.

We have established partners throughout the UK which means we can offer either local tip sites or our unrivalled collection service to transport the materials further afield. We use a multitude of logistical solutions in conjunction with our associated haulier A.W. Jenkinson.

Not only do we offer market leading prices, but it is also quick and easy to set up an account with payment terms that suit you.

Speak to one of our recycling specialists today on 01892 280 290 or complete the request form on our contact page to receive a competitive quote.

Paper & Cardboard products we accept

baled cardboard


Balers are used to compact a wide array of recyclable materials, which makes them easier to store and transport. Bales can be delivered direct to the mill and typically weigh between 250-500kg. They are usually collected via a curtain sided lorry or container.

news and pams

News and Pams

News and Pams are transported to sorting facilities to separate the different grades before onward transfer to a relevant mill. This category is comprised of used/unused printed /unprinted newspapers, magazines and printed advertising materials and may contain up to 1% of mixed papers (including cardboard).



The value from recycled paper is extracted at paper, packaging, and tissue mills. This category is comprised of used papers including newspapers, cardboard, packaging, magazines, stationary, catalogues, greeting cards and wrapping paper. It must be kept separate from other waste streams and may contain a maximum of 2% of paper with a plastic layer.



Ordinary corrugated cardboard is utilised at packaging mills to make cardboard boxes. It is comprised of used boxes and sheets of corrugated board, of various qualities, from commercial or domestic sources and may include 10% of other packaging papers and boards.

mixed cardboard


Mixed grades are transported to sorting facilities to be segregated before onward transfer to a relevant mill. This category is comprised of a mixture of various qualities of paper and board, containing a maximum of 40% of newspapers and magazines. Non paper components need to be kept below 1.5%.