Sylvagen is proud to be a leader in importing and exporting wood and waste materials for recycling and renewable energy across the continent. No matter where your company is located, Sylvagen can arrange for a reliable collection of both wood chip and waste throughout Europe. Our team is experienced in coordinating with plant health and environmental agencies at either end of the transaction with regards to all the necessary documentation for your materials to be transported either into the U.K. or to other E.U. or non-E.U. countries. Our far-reaching connections in the biomass and panelboard industries ensures your materials are handled in the most sustainable and ethical way possible.

Sylvagen is proud to be registered in the U.K. with the Environment Agency and the Forestry England in addition to being members of the Wood Recyclers Association. We’re also registered with OVAM, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders in Belgium.

Sylvagen can make arrangements for the collection of wood chip, raw forestry residues, waste wood, SRF or RDF in Europe and beyond from any of the below categories. To find out more, contact our European expert Estelle on +44 1892 280 290 or at [email protected].

Waste wood materials, processed wastes and forestry residues we accept

We can collect materials in any of the 16 categories below.

Unprocessed waste wood*

Unprocessed A grade - pallets and packaging

Grade A

Clean hardwood or softwood, eg manufacturing and joinery offcuts and disused pallets, packing cases and cable drums.

Unprocessed B grade waste wood

Grade B

Typically up to 80% solid clean wood. This may be mixed with wood from demolition and construction and solid wood furniture and may contain up to 5% MDF.

Unprocessed C grade waste wood

Grade C

Grade B wood plus plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and fencing. It may include treated wood but none treated with copper/chrome/arsenic (CCA) or creosote.

Processed waste wood*

Processed A grade wood

Grade A

Clean wood, usually processed in a high speed shredder. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals should have been removed.

Processed B grade waste wood

Grade B

Clean wood and wood from demolition, construction and solid wood furniture, shredded, typically using a high speed shredder, and screened to remove fines.

Processed c grade waste wood

Grade C

A mix of higher and lower quality wood and board, excluding anything treated with creosote or CCA. The material will have been shredded to a specific size and screened, with ferrous and non-ferrous metal removal.

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Processed waste

Solid Recovered Fuel SRF

Processed SRF

High-end solid recovered fuel, generally made from municipal and commercial sources and heavily processed to meet strict specifications.

Refuse Derived Fuel RDF bales

Processed RDF

Refuse-derived fuel, prepared to your specifications. We can supply the material loose or baled, ideal for export via ship.

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Raw forestry residues**

** Note that plant health regulations restrict us from importing certain forestry residues into the UK



We can take cordwood with diameters of 5cm-1m cut into lengths of 2-5m.

Tree surgery logs, offcuts, noggins and rings


We accept offcuts, noggins and rings.



A mix of treetop branches.



Tree roots should either have been mechanically cleaned or left to age, so most of the soil has fallen away.

Processed forestry residues**

** Note that plant health regulations restrict us from importing certain forestry residues into the UK

Log chip

Log chip

High-end material produced by chipping cordwood or logs.

Whole tree chip

Whole tree chip

The product of chipping whole trees or treetops.

Tree surgery arb chip

Arb chip

Typically produced by tree surgeons using reduction chippers.

Brash chip and shred

Brash chip / shredded brash

The result of processing treetop branches and foliage, usually using a drum chipper or shredder.

Experienced assistance from start to finish

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Our extensive network of haulage and shipping agents together provide the infrastructure required to move materials across Europe, including Scandinavia. We make the process as straightforward as possible by organising all of the logistics, including both road haulage and shipment by sea. Experienced in moving materials throughout Europe, Sylvagen can assist in setting up a port operation.

Roundwood timber being unloaded from a vessel


Here at Sylvagen, we have a solid understanding of environmental legislation, as well as shipping documentation and Forestry England requirements. As such, our experts will handle all the required paperwork for transporting your materials across borders. In every circumstance this includes customs clearance. For the transportation of waste wood and wastes between E.U. and non-E.U. countries, this also encompasses transfrontier shipment (TFS) documentation.

Our position in the biomass and waste wood recycling industries means we always have customers ready to take what we transport and our team would be happy to advise you on how to ensure your materials meet their quality standards.

Sylvagen material inspection

Expert advice, every step

Sylvagen can arrange both bulk and container shipments on a variety of terms and our knowledgeable staff are able to provide advice concerning your circumstances. Our experience means we understand the potential pitfalls associated with importing and exporting virgin and waste wood materials. Sylvagen can be relied on to streamline the entire process for you, ensuring we avoid any hidden difficulties at every step.

Unloading a vessel of waste wood at Grangemouth Port, Scotland