Sylvagen is committed to extracting value from all waste materials and is proud to be a leader in creating energy from waste. Our core purpose of making the recovery of waste easy and ethical means we can supply a wide range of waste types for onward processing and disposal.

Whether you’re in the business of extracting value from waste through recycling, or fuel production for power generation, Sylvagen has the capability to provide a regular provision of appropriate materials. From commercial, industrial and municipal waste, to materials from construction and demolition sites, we supply waste from pre-audited channels while ensuring environmental compliance and responsibility. We are committed to seamless transactions and fast payment for materials, making our approach efficient in every way possible.

We can deliver to anywhere in the United Kingdom, facilitated by our experienced transportation team and our association with lead haulage company A.W. Jenkinson Transport. Our unparalleled in-house knowledge of shipping and logistics combined with a sustainable approach to energy from waste management means Sylvagen can offer a reliable delivery of any of the below materials throughout the United Kingdom, OECD, and Basel Convention registered countries.

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Waste materials we offer

We can supply materials from any of the categories below.

Solid Recovered Fuel SRF

Processed SRF

High-end solid recovered fuel, generally made from municipal and commercial sources and heavily processed to meet strict specifications.

Refuse Derived Fuel RDF bales

Processed RDF

Refuse-derived fuel, prepared to your specifications. We can supply the material loose or baled, ideal for export via ship.

Commercial and industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste

One of the most sought-after sources of raw materials for producing solid waste fuels such as RDF and SRF. It can also contain a high level of recyclable materials, making it a good feed source for recycling.

Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste

Materials direct from building and demolition sites or from transfer stations, plus MRF rejects. Ranging in quality, the materials will generally be suitable for use in fuel blends or onward recycling.

Municipal solid waste and black bag waste

Municipal solid waste / black bag waste

Supplied either raw or semi-processed, municipal solid waste, or black bag waste, is a low-calorific value addition to a fuel blend.

We can deliver to you wherever you’re based in the UK or Europe, facilitated by our access to A.W. Jenkinson Transport’s extensive fleet of vehicles and our in-house knowledge of shipping and logistics.