Sylvagen is a leading supplier of materials for the creation of biomass fuel because of our extensive reach in the collection of arboriculture residues and waste wood throughout the U.K. and Europe. Whether you’re a power station or a combined heat and power plant, we can provide a consistent stock of quality biomass to meet the specifications of your boiler, whether or not your operation is subject to the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). From virgin residues to Grades A and C waste wood, Sylvagen is a reliable source for processed and unprocessed materials, procured from a wide range of suppliers.

Experienced in the coordination and booking of HGV vehicles including walking floor trailers, the Sylvagen team offers an unmatched delivery service. Our association with lead haulage company, A.W. Jenkinson Transport further ensures that no matter where you’re located, Sylvagen can make arrangements for the delivery of any of the below materials for biomass fuel.

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Materials we offer as biomass fuel

We can supply arboricultural and waste wood materials from any of the categories below.

Raw Materials



We can supply tree trunks cut into cordwood of 2-5m in length and with diameters of 5cm-1m.

Unprocessed C grade waste wood

C Grade

Grade B wood plus fencing, chipboard, plywood, MDF, OSB and fibreboard. May include wood that has been treated, but not with copper/chrome/arsenic (CCA) or creosote.

Processed Materials

P63 virgin biomass

P63 Virgin Biomass

Screened to remove fine material and oversized particles, the fuel shred we create at our Tilbury yard is ideal for large scale biomass boilers that require a consistent product. With a moisture range of 30-50%, our fuel shred is guaranteed to conform to P63 particle size specifications.

Log chip

Log Chip

High-end material produced by chipping cordwood or logs.

Processed A grade wood

A Grade

Clean wood, typically processed using a high speed shredder, with ferrous and non-ferrous metals removal.

Processed c grade waste wood

C Grade

A mix of higher and lower quality wood and board products, excluding anything treated with creosote or CCA. Shredded to a specific size and screened, with ferrous and non-ferrous metals removal.