Sylvagen is equipped to process materials for customers in the South of England who may not have the space or means to do it themselves. Creating quality A, B, and C grade wood chip and shred for biomass and panel board feedstock, our Tilbury and London processing sites are ideally located.

In addition to this Sylvagen has the ability to import via Grangemouth Dock, export via the Port of Dundee in Scotland, and export via Shoreham Port in the South of England.

Tilbury Site

Situated in the South East of England, our yard uses the latest technology and innovation to process a range of materials that meet the demanding needs of our customers. Supplying over 20 arctic loads per day, wood chip and shred from our main operational site is used for biomass, the production of panel board and horticultural needs. Onsite quality control enables us to supply a reliable product no matter what it’s being used for and daily records of both particle size and moisture ensures consistency.


Sylvagen processing site at Tilbury
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Products we can supply

Processed A grade wood


Sourced locally from pallet manufacturers and pre-audited recycling companies, our A-grade wood chip is of the highest quality due to demanding specifications. Processed for the creation of panel board or biomass fuel in IED exempt power stations, our Tilbury yard is a leading producer of superior material.

P63 virgin biomass

P63 Virgin Biomass

Screened to remove fine material and oversized particles, the fuel shred we create at our Tilbury yard is ideal for large scale biomass boilers that require a consistent product. With a moisture range of 30-50%, our fuel shred is guaranteed to conform to P63 particle size specifications.

0-10mm virgin fines

0-10mm Fines

Composed solely of virgin wood and leaf matter, our 0-10mm fines material is ideal for a range of horticultural purposes including mulch, soil amendment, or an ingredient for manufacturing compost. Not to be confused with recycled fines, this biodegradable material is created at our Tilbury yard for distribution throughout the United Kingdom.

London Sites

Located around the London suburbs, Sylvagen have a number of sites focused primarily on the processing of C-grade woods. Procured from the local market, this mix of waste wood and board products is shredded to supply to biomass power stations across the British Isles. Working in association with skip companies, our sites are well situated to turn over a high volume C-grade wood from the Greater London area.

Waste wood collection on Stobart Transport

Grangemouth Dock

An integral part of Sylvagen’s import capability for waste wood, Grangemouth Dock is located close to both Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. With 2 acres of land set aside for storage within the port, we are strategically positioned to receive regular shipments and maintain a steady stream of deliveries to our customers throughout the U.K. and across continental Europe.

Unloading a vessel of waste wood at Grangemouth Port, Scotland

Port of Dundee

Offering a 1 acre shed and abundant quay space, Dundee Port has been an integral part of Sylvagen’s move into the Energy from Waste market. The port has had many years of experience in handling waste cargos, and boasts the deepest water in Scotland with a river side berth without any lock restrictions. This means we can offer an unrivalled service to our customers focusing mainly on the supply of SRF and RDF.

Port of Dundee

Shoreham Port

Shoreham Port is ideally located to allow the shipments of forestry materials from the South of England to Northern Europe. The port has historically dealt with timber products and has a regular flow of suitable vessels unloading in the Port.

Shoreham Port