Here at Sylvagen, we are always in search of the most effective way to relieve our customers of any materials that have the potential to be recycled — including plasterboard. Manufactured from gypsum powder and widely used in the fabrication of schools, offices, factories, and homes, plasterboard has many advantages as a cost-effective construction material. When incorrectly disposed of, however, it can create unnecessary toxic by-products.

We make the disposal of this common building material safe, simple, and financially viable for all by collecting it in bulk and transporting it to licensed facilities for recycling. From standard wall board to non-medical plaster casts, we are equipped to collect plasterboard in any of the categories listed below. Speak to one of our recycling specialists today at 01892 280 290, or complete the request form below to receive a competitive quote.

Gypsum products we accept

  • Standard wall board
  • Vapour check plasterboard (must be pre booked in advance so we can separate the foil waste)
  • Acoustic plasterboard
  • Fire Board (pink coating)
  • Impact Plasterboard
  • Plaster casts (non-medical, Coving etc)
  • Plaster in bags * +

* less than 5% per load,+ COSH sheet required before recycling

  • Moulds and non-medical plaster casts including dental are by consultation/negotiation.

Clear-cut and cost-effective from start to finish

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Quality assurance

The key to effectively recycling this non-hazardous waste is through careful control and classification that ensures only suitable materials are collected. Our team is well versed in all the Specifications required for plasterboard disposal, which can be found on our “Documents page” for your viewing. From source to outcome, we pride ourselves on providing a fully transparent audit trail for your dry, pre-sorted plasterboard. Whether it’s used in the creation of cement, the manufacturing of new plasterboard, or as a soil improver in conjunction with farming the land — our goal is to see this commonplace building material turned to a reusable resource that benefits the environment and our customers.

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Collection and haulage

Sylvagen makes frequent collections of plasterboard throughout the U.K. to minimise the risk of this recyclable resource biodegrading. Ready to have us remove your material? We operate a wide range of transportation vehicles for a no-fuss haulage of your plasterboard to a licensed facility. For full technical details on all of our transport, please visit “Our Vehicles” page.

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