Sylvagen is committed to extracting value from all waste materials and is proud to provide our customers with opportunities to create energy and recyclables. Our core purpose of making the recovery of waste easy and ethical means we accept a wide range of general waste types for onward processing and disposal.

In today’s waste industry, environmentally responsible disposal solutions exist for the majority of waste, however, we understand that some materials don’t always meet the required specifications. Where possible the waste we collect is recycled or converted into fuel. Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF) are ecological responsible alternatives to fossil fuels for heat and power production. In addition, they help to divert non-recyclable materials from untenable landfill. When neither of these options is feasible, we are dedicated to disposing of all waste conscientiously.

General waste materials we accept

We can collect materials in any of the three categories below.

Raw materials

Commercial and industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste

We welcome all types of commercial and industrial waste and offer competitive prices for collections, either at source or from your waste facility.

Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste

We can accept a broad range of materials originating from construction and demolition, either direct from site or from your depot.

Municipal solid waste and black bag waste

Municipal solid waste / black bag waste

We can take mixed municipal waste, or black back waste, both raw and processed.

Straightforward waste recovery

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Determining the best solution for you and for the environment

With a multitude of disposal options, Sylvagen accepts a broad range of waste materials across the United Kingdom. After determining the type of waste you produce, our expert team will advise the most cost effective and sustainable method available in a timely and hassle free manner.

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Sylvagen utilises a broad range of hauliers allowing us to provide walking floor trailers for waste collection. In addition, our trusted partnership with lead haulage company, A.W. Jenkinson Transport, means we’re able to offer reliable and efficient methods to create energy from waste across the U.K. For full technical details on all of our transport, please visit “Our Vehicles” page.

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AWJ Volvo fleet

In the South East of England we can also offer a competitive price on our 40 and 50 yard bins for your waste disposal needs. To learn more visit our “Equipment Hire” page.